I Believe...

That birth is inherently safe. The same loving, intelligent consciousness (All That Is, Goddess, God, Nature) that knows how to grow an egg and a sperm into a human being, knows how to get it out. Our job is simply to relax and trust. Birth is not a function of the conscious mind any more than digestion is.


I Believe...

That our bodies and our babies are responsive to our thoughts. The best way to ensure a good pregnancy and birth is to think positively, face and overcome our fears, and believe in our own abilities.


I Believe...

That the problems women sometimes encounter in birth can be traced to three main causes:

  • Poverty – lack of food and poor living conditions
  • Outside interference – doctors and sometimes midwives poking, prodding, testing, drugging, cutting, etc.
  • Inside interference – primarily fear which triggers the fight/flight response and shuts down labor, but also shame and guilt

When these factors are eliminated, most women can give birth easily, either alone or with friends and family.