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Seeking participants for docu-series on outdoor birth

SEEKING PREGNANT U.S. COUPLES THAT WOULD LIKE TO PARTICIPATE IN A DOCU-SERIES ABOUT UNASSISTED OR MIDWIFE-ASSISTED, OUTDOOR BIRTH. Late last year I was contacted by a company that was making a docu-series about outdoor birth for a major cable network. At first I was reluctant to get involved, but after watching clips from the first episode (which will air sometime next year) and speaking extensively with the producer – whose two children were born at home - I have decided to participate. I believe the producer has a genuine passion for homebirth and will present it in a positive light. His wife is currently studying to become a post-partum doula. In the episode I viewed, a couple in Alaska gave birth in a dwelling built by the father on the couple’s land. The birth was attended by the father, the mother’s sister and an unintrusive and unseen film crew. The family was very happy with the way they were portrayed and the birth brought tears to my eyes! I think this is a wonderful opportunity to help spread the word about the joys of homebirth! No first-time moms or California residents, and couples must be due between Sept. 1st and Nov. 30th. Please contact me at for more information, and feel free to share this message!

Expecting Success! A Positive Approach to Pregnancy and Birth

I’m excited to announce my new online class: Expecting Success! A Positive Approach to Pregnancy and Birth.  The 4 week (1 hour a week) class begins Sept. 4th at 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern).  For more information or to register for the class click here -  This will be a fun and interesting class.  Anyone with an interest in birth is encouraged to attend.  Please spread the word!

Join me at the Trust Birth Conference April 13th-15th

I'm so excited to be speaking once again at the Trust Birth Conference!  The conference is in Nashville, TN this year from April 13th through the 15th (there is also a pre-conference starting on April 11th; see website for details).  My talk is entitled "Unassisted Childbirth Stories and Vignettes."  I'll be sharing some of my favorite (and in some cases, unusual) birth stories along with a slideshow and a DVD of some amazing unassisted births.  I'll also be part of two panels - one on push-less birth (no, you don't have to PUSH your babies out!), and the other on why some women choose to stay home alone to give birth.  As usual, there will be numerous talks given by the best and brightest teachers, writers, childbirth professionals and mothers in the "business."  There's still time to register.  I hope you'll join me there!

Radio show tonight - Unassisted Childbirth

Tune in tonight (March 19th) at 9pm Central as I’m interviewed by Gena Kirby on the Progressive Parenting show. We’ll be talking about unassisted childbirth, orgasmic birth, and the upcoming Trust Birth Conference. After the show (at 10pm Central) I will be doing a half hour TV show on Vokle. One lucky TV viewer will win a copy of the second edition of my book, Unassisted Childbirth!

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